What to Expect from our OFSTED Nursery in Reigate

At the Daisy Chain Nursery, our commitment to EYFS 2017 and the excellent results we have attained through government inspections have made us a highly-regarded OFSTED nursery that covers the entire Reigate area. Thanks to ongoing support from our local council’s Early Years and Childcare Service, we have consistently met and exceeded the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements.


This is a reassuring factor for parents in Reigate with children from birth age to five-years old who are looking for a competent nursery school in the area. Our children’s nursery is meticulous in upholding welfare requirements and this is reflected in our OFSTED reports. To ensure our nursery advances on previous reports, we are constantly reviewing our policies and procedures for the wellbeing of children in our care.


EYFS 2017 safeguards the welfare of your children in many ways and OFSTED inspections are a measurable way of making sure our pre-school nursery meets the expectations of all service users in the Reigate area. From the way we train our staff to the systems we use for managing sensitive information on your child, the Daisy Chain Nursery makes a daily and lifetime commitment to statutory requirement compliancy.

How our Nursery School in Reigate Supports Children


The ultimate aim of our children’s nursery is to provide individually structured care for children from the Reigate and Surrey areas so that they are empowered the skills needed when they begin their traditional schooling. This objective is achieved through EYFS 2017 and continued monitoring from OFSTED. Personal, social and emotional development, physical development and communication are the cornerstones of our support.


Through reinforcing these elements using play as a teaching and learning tool, our pre-school nursery has achieved exceptional results that are amongst the most impressive in our home of Reigate and the surrounding Surrey area. If you would like to discuss EYFS 2017 or our OFSTED reports in more detail, please contact Emma Bell, our Founder and Principal, by calling today on (01737) 242001 or mailing us at info@daisychainreigate.co.uk.