What to Expect from our Montessori Day Nursery in Reigate

Having attended to the needs of hundreds of children since starting out some fifteen years ago, the Daisy Chain Nursery in Reigate provides child day care with a unique, holistic approach. EYFS 2017 is at the core of everything we do and plays a significant role in the way our children learn. We work to a fundamental belief that a child’s earliest years are when they have the greatest potential for learning.


Since the opening of the first Montessori school in 1907, this inspiring educational movement has grown into the world’s biggest facility of its kind. Our own day nursery in Reigate is one of over 600 in the United Kingdom and 22,000 throughout the world. Pre-school learning with the Daisy Chain Nursery encourages teaching through play, allowing children to choose, to try and to do things themselves.

An Innovative Approach to Education


Pre-school learning at our Reigate nursery is a voyage of discovery where the five senses are used to develop understanding instead of children being told what to do. Understanding inspires confidence and in turn, the learning process becomes more enjoyable. Our day nursery never places children under pressure. Instead, we allow children to learn and develop at a pace that makes their future education more effective.


We support our child day care by equipping classrooms with concrete representations of abstract concepts. Much of the equipment used at our nursery in Reigate was designed by Maria Montessori herself, our original founder at the turn of the last century. Materials are fun, interesting and, perhaps most importantly, they are self-correcting. This allows pre-school children to tackle mistakes without being instructed on how to do so.


Why Montessori Nurseries Work


Pre-school children in Reigate who attend our Montessori day nursery develop a thirst for self-learning. Generally speaking, children with a pre-school background at a Montessori nursery develop a strong sense of self-belief and self-worth. This empowers them with the ability to focus on tasks and to complete them independently. Our foundations for learning encourage skills and outlooks that stay with a child for life.


Studies indicate that day child care through a Montessori nursery results in cognitive abilities above the national average at five-years old. Pre-school children who attend our Reigate nursery are also likely to possess stronger social skills, greater self-esteem and better behavioural development.