Day Nursery and Pre-School in Reigate

Welcome to the website of the Daisy Chain Nursery. We are a small, thriving and fully independent day nursery and pre-school based in Reigate. Since our inception more than twenty years ago, we have attended to the needs of hundreds of children from our local area and we continue to make an active contribution to the community taking children from 18 months to 5 years old. Our day nursery is open throughout the year from 8.00am until 6.00pm from Monday to Thursday and from 8.00am until 4.30pm on Fridays.


We always appreciate the trust that parents place in our services and we treat every child in our care as a precious individual. It is important to us that every child attending our day nursery and pre-school feels happy, safe, loved and stimulated. We achieve these objectives by giving children the opportunity to explore and develop in many different ways. Playing, splashing, building, singing, dancing, painting and laughter are all encouraged at the Daisy Chain Nursery.

About our Nursery

Emma Bell is the Founder and Principal of the Daisy Chain Nursery. Emma has worked in different Montessori Nurseries for over twenty years and has vast experience in the education and care of young children. All other members of staff at our nursery have trained directly with Montessori or hold a current Level Three qualification in childcare.


All parents and staff are encouraged to create the best possible environment for children in our care. Parents are regularly invited along to our nursery to watch their children participate in performances, events and special occasions. These events allow us to build on the positive atmosphere that flows throughout our nursery at all times.


Every child is encouraged to play outside in the fresh air. Our garden is made available at every opportunity and we use it for valuable playtime, water games, gardening and planting vegetables. Children play an active role in the growth of vegetables by helping our staff to water them on a regular basis.

Following lunch, we give the children a quiet period. During this part of the day, younger children are able to sleep. Our staff settle children down in a relaxed, caring and calming manner and continue to supervise them while they sleep.


All children are made comfortable and sleep in a warm, clean and pleasant environment.


The Daisy Chain Nursery allows children to participate in a wide range of daily activities that expand their social and emotional development. Literary, creative, language and physical activities are used to help us inspire our children.


Our activities are carefully structured to promote confidence, independence and enjoyment.

Call in to see us at the most progressive day nursery in Reigate and give your child the chance to grow under our structured care and supervision.